What is the policy for a student who transfers in from a different District?

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If a student who has been placed in a gifted program in their previous school transfers to Ozark R-VI School District, paperwork including test instruments utilized as well as placement process from previous District should be submitted to the child's building counselor for review (please click here for a list of building counselors).

If a comparable individual cognitive test was utilized previously and the student's score meets the criteria for placement in the Ozark R-VI School District gifted program this student will be placed without any additional testing.  If the full scale IQ score falls below placement criteria, the student will not be placed in the gifted program at that time, however, can be referred at the end of the school year for screening. 

If an individualized test was not utilized for placement,  the student will be retested.  In this case a student will be tested out of the normal assessment cycle and could potentially qualify for placement midyear.

If a student was in the process of referral in their previous District, they can be referred for screening.  If they qualify to be assessed, the testing will occur during the normal assessment cycle (end of school year).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your child's building counselor or the Special Services Department at (417)582-5957.