General Contractor Selected for Elementary Construction

On Thursday, October 29 the Ozark School Board voted to approve Larry Snyder & Co. as the general contractor for the four elementary weather safe additions. Larry Snyder & Co. is scheduled to begin work as early as next week and has a substantial completion date of July 15, 2016. As part of the bid requirements, Larry Snyder & Co. is required to have two superintendents on these jobs to keep things moving forward to meet the District's timeline.  
The estimated cost of these projects by Hollis and Miller, the District's architects, was $9.5 million the accepted bid was $9.64 million. Dr. Patterson believes, "The fact the bid was so close to the projection shows me our architects did a good job drawing lines and making their estimates. It also give me confidence that the Junior High School bids will come in very close as well, keeping us on budget."