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Academy Model

We have been talking about how we are enhancing our educational philosophy, but what does that mean for students, staff and the community? 

Our goal is to improve the high school experience for all students for the real needs of the 21st century. We could move programs and gain space at the Ozark Innovation Center, but come August 2022, all we have done is expand our factory model of education. 

As our high school continues to grow and spread over two campuses, we also want to ensure our students feel connected with teachers and to other students with similar interests rather than lost in the shuffle. 

Academy Model

With that in mind, we are creating an Academy Model of education for Ozark High School consisting of six overarching academies for students to select from:

  • Health Services
  • Industrial & Engineering Technology
  • Human Services
  • Natural Resources Agriculture
  • Business, Management & Technology
  • Arts & Communication

Within each of these academies are specific program pathways. This Academy Model clusters our current pathways at Ozark High School in order to build a purposeful connection between the courses and possible careers. Students will have a great deal of latitude to move between and across pathways throughout their high school career and may find themselves blending classes from different academies to suit their individual needs. 

Academy exploration will begin at the junior high level and continue into the ninth grade academy where students will be introduced to all the academies within their areas of interest. At the sophomore through senior levels, students will take a deeper dive into the pathways of their choice, but are able to transition to a different pathway or academy at any time. Core and humanities courses are represented in every academy. Our goal is to help students see connections between their core subjects and pathway courses. 

Academy model graphic