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Innovation Center Programs

Ozark School District has selected the programs to be moved to the Innovation Center. Keep in mind, this is a fluid process and we may need to make adjustments as we progress. The goal is to move 400+ students from the high school to accommodate a return to the 9-12th grade configuration. 

In addition to several content areas, the Innovation Center will house multiple large programs such as Agriculture and Choir. The majority of the students attending the Innovation Center will be 11-12th grade; however, select classes will include 9-10th grade students. We also plan to relocate Finley River School and the Career Center. 

Programs we are looking to add or transform include:  

  • Biomedical/Health
  • Welding
  • Digital Art/Media
  • Marketing 
  • Fashion 
  • Culinary Arts
  • Accounting (exploring additional locations)
  • Education (exploring additional locations)

Innovation Center Programs