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Operation Renovate & Innovate Committees

Over the summer, district administrators established eight areas of focus for planning the educational aspects of the innovation center. Within each area of focus, committees are meeting to investigate possible program and class structure. 

  • Research (soliciting feedback for the vision of the facility)
  • Core (courses required for graduation)  
  • Non-core (elective courses) 
  • Human Services
  • Health Services
  • Education and Training
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

The research committee has been soliciting feedback from students, staff and the community to establish the vision of this facility. Community members can share their feedback through a survey found through this link.

This feedback will be used to help guide committees as the innovation center begins to take shape.

“This building is a blank canvas, open, without any walls or predesignated spaces,” said Executive Director of Secondary Learning Melia Franklin. “With that in mind, what we would like for you to do is to help us imagine this space.” 

“We are asking how can we approach education differently and shift our educational philosophy to better embrace the talents of our students,” said Ozark Superintendent Chris Bauman. “Our goal is to improve the high school experience for all students rather than simply expanding our existing operations.”

Regarding the physical structure, the district has narrowed the search to three architect firms to facilitate the design portion of the innovation center. A firm will be chosen the end of September.