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Staff of the Year Winners Announced

And the OZcar goes to …

Help us congratulate this year's Staff of the Year winners for each building! The District winners will be chosen from these building winners and will be announced in August.

Learning Division Support Staff of the Year

  • Tiger Paw - Julie Blackson, Paraprofessional
  • North - Carie Bilbao, Media Aide
  • South - Alicia Juber, Paraprofessional
  • East - Tracey Roussell, Instructional Coach
  • West - Teresa DeWitt, Paraprofessional
  • OMS - Josiah Johnson, Paraprofessional
  • OJH - Natalya Istomin, English Learner Teacher
  • OHS - Kelly Harmon, Paraprofessional

Learning Division Support Staff of the Year

Operations Division/Business Division Support Staff of the Year

  • Tiger Paw - Jeanne Friend, Administrative Assistant
  • North - Martha Faucett, Custodian
  • South - Jana Bowline, Administrative Assistant
  • East - Betty Naylor, Custodian
  • West - Mark Stephens, Custodian
  • OMS - Cain Freese, Custodial Coordinator
  • OJH - Deloris Adams, Custodian
  • OHS - Rhi Strick, Administrative Assistant
  • District - Capt. Mark Deeds, Director of School Police

Operations/Business Division Support Staff of the Year

Teacher of the Year

  • Tiger Paw - Liz Ruggeri, Early Childhood Special Education
  • North - Tracy Archambeau, 2nd Grade
  • South - Shelly Chesick, 3rd Grade
  • East - Angela Brown, 1st Grade
  • West - Chelsea Noe, 4th Grade
  • OMS - Maria Turner, Special Education
  • OJH - Jody Dalton, Social Studies
  • OHS - Danyel Rickard, English

Teachers of the Year