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Ozark Scores 87.3% on APR

The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education released the state’s Annual Performance Reports for the 2021-22 school year, and Ozark School District scored 87.3 percent.

Assistant Superintendent of Learning Dr. Craig Carson said he is proud of Ozark’s score and the hard work that students and staff do every day. 

“Even though our emphasis is not on chasing an APR score, this report affirms the hard work our teachers and staff do to meet the District mission of a high-quality education for each student’s future-readiness,” Carson said. 

APRs demonstrate how school districts are meeting the standards and indicators in the Missouri School Improvement Plan, which is the state’s system for reviewing and accrediting school districts. According to DESE, MSIP “outlines expectations for school practices and student outcomes, with the goal of each student graduating ready for success in college, career and life.”

The 2022 pilot year APR score cannot be compared with previous years because MSIP 6 is a new system with differing scoring. 

“MSIP 6 is designed to distinguish the performance of schools and LEAs in meaningful ways to help identify areas in need of support and recognize models of excellence,” Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven said in a DESE press release. “For the release of this pilot year data, we encourage stakeholders, including community partners and families, to focus less on the APR score and more on the underlying data to learn how they may better support student learning.”

Ozark administrators will present the APR data to the Board of Education at the March 23 board meeting. They will then review the results further during the May board full-day work session as they set direction for the District Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.