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OMS Booknology Program Fosters Creativity

Ozark Middle School sixth grader John Cameron enjoys video editing and graphic design, and he is considering a career in computer programming. He loves to be creative and innovative, which is why he said he always looks forward to attending Booknology in the library.

“I enjoy it very much. I love how they teach you how to use Tinkercad, the 3D printer, and Canva,” Cameron said. “My favorite part is definitely using the 3D printer. Having something from the computer come to life — that really fascinates me.”

Booknology is a new program this school year where OMS students spend their Advisory time in the library working on various projects, from designing and printing 3D book characters, to writing and illustrating a children’s book, to engineering snap circuits, to designing promotional infographics. Students must apply for and be accepted into the program. 

“The purpose of the program is to be an outlet for students to excel beyond the classroom,” OMS Librarian and Instructional Technology Coach Chelsie Floyd said. “Students are given the opportunity to pursue their personal interests or talents in an innovative way for future success. It’s a way for students to feel connected with others who share a similar passion and dive deep into skills that suit their individual needs.”

Students choose from three teams — Design & Makers, Tiger Tech, and Library Aides — each with a specific area of focus. For example, Library Aides can help shelve books, create book displays and create book trailers.

OMS sixth grader Amiah Goddard is on the Design & Makers team, and wrote a children’s book for one of her projects.

“I really liked that I could freewrite, put emotions into it, and not have it be for a grade,” she said, adding that she’s excited to read the book, “Katie and her Rock Transformation Story,” to North Elementary students. “I love working with little kids. I think it will be fun.”

Floyd said she plans to continue the program in years to come, and she’s excited to watch students create and excel.

“The Booknology students rise to any challenge I give them,” she said. “They showcase their problem-solving skills using creativity and critical thinking. Each student seeks new opportunities for a challenge, and have proudly taken on the role of being a self-starter who is motivated to be an innovative learner. They challenge the norm, and I love that!”

Ozark Middle School sixth grader John Cameron enjoys video editing and graphic design, and he is considering a career in comp