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OHS Band, Choir Students Shine at State

Ozark High School Band and Choir students traveled to the University of Missouri in Columbia April 29 to participate in the MSHSAA State Solo/Small Ensemble Contest. To qualify, students must have received an “exemplary” rating at the MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble competitions, which were held in March. 

The OHS Band had 34 students qualify for State, while the Choir had 47 students qualify. 

Congratulations to the following Band students for their State performance:

Gold Medal:

  • Baritone Horn Solo - Isa Saiz
  • Trombone Solo - Mylinh Hoelker
  • Percussion Ensemble “Identity Crisis” - Haden Barbee, Caroline Wolfe, Aiden Rhodes, Enoch Canter, Gavin Robertson, Josh Glenn, Allison Reese
  • Mixed Brass Quartet “March and Gavotte” - Michael Cherry, Ty Anderson, Kyle Ponder, Laura Wolfe
  • Trombone Solo - Seth Palen
  • Oboe Solo - Abigail Meadows
  • Snare Drum Solo - Gavin Robertson
  • Keyboard Mallet Solo - Allison Reese
  • Trumpet Solo - Michael Cherry

Silver Medal:

  • Trombone Solo - Derek Gnagy
  • Trombone Solo - Molly Horrell
  • Oboe Solo - Julia Mills
  • Flute Solo - Jackie Cardenas - Lopez
  • Percussion Ensemble “Tridecagon” - Rachel Divine, Faith Mulder, Grant Ogle, Curtis Plotke, Harleigh Preston, Gram Speed, Christopher Rush
  • Saxophone Quartet “Conversation Piece” - Caleb Hays, Elliott Judy, Truman Griessel, Gavin Crawford
  • Oboe Solo - Paige Taylor
  • Flute Solo - Kaetryn Oliver
  • Oboe Solo - Ellie Harmon
  • Trombone Solo - Kyle Ponder
  • Keyboard Mallet Solo - Enoch Canter
  • French Horn Solo - Laura Wolfe
  • Snare Drum Solo - Josh Glenn
  • Keyboard Mallet Solo - Gram Speed
  • Timpani Solo - Haden Barbee

Bronze Medal:

  • Miscellaneous Brass Ensemble “Sea Chanteys II” - Mylinh Hoelker, Jacob Davidson, Seth Palen
  • Alto Saxophone Solo - Truman Griessel

OHS Band

Congratulations to the following Choir students for their State performance:

Gold Medal: 

  • Solos - Ainsley Oliver, Hanna McConnell, Kaitlyn Wilson, Lilly Corum
  • Mixed Double Quartet I - Hartley Bassett, Matthew Baum, Samantha Cox, Avery Dorweiler, Landen Estes, Hanna McConnell, Ainsley Oliver, Kaitlyn Wilson
  • Mixed Double Quartet II - Lilly Corum, William Elliott, Ilya Kozlov, Isaac Lane, Makenna Lewis, Nathaniel Miller, Isabella Montileone, Caroline Wolfe
  • Sophomore Women’s Double Quartet - Serena Broussard, Kimberly Frazon, Kamryn Mayfield, Katie McCall, Harleigh Preston, Grace Silas, Olivia Southard, Kately Sutherland
  • Varsity Women’s Sextet I - Hartley Bassett, Sydney Broussard, Samantha Cox, Makenna Lewis, Hanna McConnell, Madelyn Sult
  • Varsity Women’s Sextet II - Avery Dorweiler, Isabella Montileone, Anna Schnakenberg, Kali Tucker, Kaitlyn Wilson, Caroline Wolfe

Silver Medal: 

  • Solos - Andrea Shuford, Gavin Robertson, Harleigh Preston, Hartley Bassett, Ilya Kozlov, Landen Estes 
  • Misc. Women’s Ensemble - Tristin Cathcart, Lilly Corum, Sophie Hall, Katelynn Harris, Amber Martin, Miranda Payne, Noelle Pearcy
  • Freshman Women’s Misc. Ensemble - Diana Bonilla, Olivia Carpenter, Laine Garner, Ella Hulse, Brooklyn O'Neill, Allison Rice, Janelle Spohn

Bronze Medal: 

  • Freshman Women’s Sextet - Kaitie Coleman, Cammie Dyke, Bella Eagan, Ashley Hainline, Makenzi Hutchison, Morgan Williams

OHS Choir