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OHS Multimedia Class Partners with Elementary Schools to Produce Christmas Programs

It’s always a good day if you get to leave school to watch a Christmas program. However, these high schoolers weren’t skipping school. They were working on a class project. Students in the Ozark High School multimedia class recently visited elementary schools to video the Christmas programs so parents could watch virtually. 

“We were so excited that the OHS multimedia class could video our performance,” North Elementary Music Director Angie Harmon said. “We know that this took a lot of time and effort, and we appreciate the great job they did filming and editing the video.”

Thomas Jemes, OHS multimedia teacher, said partnering with the school community is not only a great hands-on learning experience, but builds unity.

I feel that having our students go out and participate in these types of learning experiences is the best way for them to learn how the rest of their lives will be in whatever field they choose to go into,” he said. “Collaboration is a skill that they will use forever. And learning how to communicate, schedule and create content that can be enjoyed by others is what I hope they take away from it.”

OHS students filmed at East and North elementary schools. OHS senior Aiden Norden said the entire process — from watching the kids perform to putting the videos together back in the classroom — is a lot of fun. 

“Going to all the different school events like sports and stuff like this, it’s really fun seeing what everyone worked so hard to do,” she said. “And then getting to put our work into it as well, and just watching it all come together is fun.”

Over the last year, the multimedia class has collaborated with various community organizations, including the Christian County Commission and the Finley River Community Foundation, to create videos for specific events. Students also create media projects for school sports teams. They’ve even created a few commercials for local businesses that have purchased media packages from Ozark’s marketing class students.  

“They were so flexible and amazing when they recorded. They even told me they would clip some parts and switch it around for us, so it was awesome,” East Elementary Music Director Claire Worley said. “I’m really excited to see the finished product, and I’m really appreciative they were willing to do this for us and for parents.”

East Elementary - A World of Christmas

North Elementary - Dancing through the Holidays