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OHS Trio Earns National FCCLA Honors

Three Ozark High School students received national recognition for their skills in Family and Consumer Sciences as they competed in FCCLA’s 2021 National Fall Conference Skill Demonstration Event. Sophomores Elsa Cardin and Ayla Hulbert and junior Madison Lake represented OHS on the national honoree list as each of them placed in the top-3 of their respective events.

  • Elsa Cardin (10th grade) earned 3rd Place – Fashion Sketch Event
  • Ayla Hulbert (10th grade) earned 2nd Place – Fashion Sketch Event
  • Madison Lake (11th grade) earned 1st Place – Interior Design Event and was awarded a Full Tuition Scholarship to Sullivan University, valued at $50,000.

The competition featured 392 students who participated in skills tests for a variety of FCCLA categories and allowed students to demonstrate college- and career-ready skills in Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations.

Both the Fashion and Interior Design categories required participants to record a video, no longer than 7 minutes, that included information about their design selections and thought process with the design.

The Fashion Sketch competition provided a scenario for the students to submit an original sketch that was based around a historical figure of their choice. Cardin’s design featured a nod to Cleopatra while Hulbert drew her design based on fashion icon Jackie Kennedy.

“I had a really fun experience with this competition and it really pushed me to my limits with my design skills,” said Cardin. “I also really enjoyed going through this experience with my friends and fellow FCCLA members!”

“My goal in this competition was to learn new skills, better myself as a designer and overall grow from the experience,” said Hulbert. “Though I never expected to place so high, I am extremely proud of the work I produced.”

The Interior Design competition required Lake to revamp an existing floor plan to make space for an additional room under specific guidelines.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this competition,” said Lake. “I was given the chance to show off and then further develop my skills.”