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Ozark Transportation Department Scores Well on Annual Bus Inspection

Ozark School District is proud to announce that its Transportation Department received a 93.5 percent rating from the Missouri State Highway Patrol for the Driver and Vehicle Safety Division’s 2021 annual school bus inspection program. The inspection occurred in February and results were released June 22. 

Transportation Director Dean Wake said the mechanics and bus drivers always work to ensure buses are safe for students. 

“All the hard work paid off as we ran 62 buses through with only four getting a mark against them,” Wake said. “This was only possible with the whole department coming together for our main goal in supporting Ozark students and families.” 

Three of Ozark’s buses received minor marks for lighting issues. Each bus has more than 40 light bulbs, which includes 10 dome lights. 

“If one dome light is out, the bus fails,” Wake said. “All of the lights were fixed and approved before the inspectors left at the end of the day.” 

One bus was taken out of service for a dry crack in the fuel line. Wake said this bus was a spare the District was not currently using and already planned to retire at the end of the 2020-21 school year. It was not repaired, rather removed permanently from service. 

Wake said he is pleased with this year’s score, which is above the state average. 

“Our buses go through at least four thorough inspections each year, not counting any that come in for service,” Wake said. “Drivers do pre-trip and post-trip inspections and our mechanics look at the buses regularly. We’re continually working to maintain and improve our techniques.”