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Ozark JROTC Drill Teams Named National Champs   

After three days of competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Ozark High School JROTC Drill Team returned home May 3 as national champions. 

“As we began our year we knew we had to work unbelievably hard to make every moment count,” drill team instructor CW3 Jason Allen said. “I put a challenge to both my Armed and Unarmed teams to show up everyday, budget time for personal growth and excellence every morning, and we will achieve success. As the year progressed, I started to see something incredibly special within both teams. Their commitment to excellence, growth, accountability and each other was infectious.”

And all that time and commitment paid off as the Ozark Mountainettes Unarmed Team and the Ozark Mountain Guard Armed Team were both named Overall National Champions. 

The drill teams competed in both Army Service Nationals and All-Service Nationals April 29-May 1. Army Service Nationals allows teams to compete against other JROTC drill teams within the Army, whereas All-Service Nationals allows teams from all military branches to compete against each other. Both Army and All-Service are national-level competitions. 

Over the course of two days the Ozark Mountainettes and Mountain Guard performed their routines in front of drill instructors, non-commissioned officers and retired service members who judged the performances down to the last detail in each of their respective categories. The teams placed as follows:  

 Unarmed Team the Ozark Mountainettes

  • Unarmed Exhibition Dual Cadets Peyton Wofford and Halle Thompson - Third
  • Unarmed Exhibition Dual Cadets Mackenzie Wofford and Summer Williams - First Army; First All- Service 
  • Unarmed Inspection - Third Army; Second All-Service  
  • Unarmed Regulation Commander's Trophy to Cadet Mackenzie Wofford - First All-Service
  • Unarmed Regulation - Third Army; First All-Service
  • Unarmed Color Guard - Third All-Service
  • Unarmed Exhibition - First Army; First All-Service
  • Overall Unarmed National Champions - First All-Service; Third Army

Armed Team the Ozark Mountain Guard

  • Armed Exhibition Solo Cadet Tyler Merchant - Second Army; Fifth All-Service
  • Armed Exhibition Dual Cadets Tyler Merchant and Jonathan Mcgee - First All-Service; Second Army
  • Armed Inspection - Fourth Army; Fourth All-Service
  • Armed Regulation Commander's Trophy Cadet Jacob Priest - First All-Service
  • Armed Regulation - First All-Service
  • Armed Color Guard - First All-Service
  • Armed Exhibition - Second Army; Second All-Service
  • Overall Armed National Champions - First All-Service; Army Runner Up

Individually the top three Army unarmed cadets came from the Ozark Mountainettes. Cadet Madisyn Miller was the top Individual Unarmed Drill Cadet, followed by Sarah Cazier and Kaylin Spradling. 

Ozark JROTC Drill Teams Named National Champs

Ozark JROTC Drill Teams Named National Champs