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JROTC Rifle, Raider Teams Excel in Competitions

Oct. 24 was a busy day for Ozark High School JROTC students, with the Rifle Team bringing home seven trophies and the Raider Team bringing home six trophies. 

“I continue to be impressed with the accomplishments of these young men and women. I am even more excited of how they carry themselves,” said 1SG William Crawford, who leads the rifle team. 

Missouri State Raider Championship Ozark JROTC Raiders


The Ozark JROTC Raider male team placed second out of 22 teams in the Missouri State Raider Championship, held at the Missouri Military Academy. The competition consisted of six team events as well as an individual “Ultimate Raider” event. The Ozark male team placed as follows:

  • Obstacle Course - First place
  • Litter Carry Course - First place
  • Gauntlet - First place
  • Physical Team Test - Second place
  • 5K run - Third place
  • Rope Bridge - Third place

The Ozark JROTC Raider male team finished second overall, right behind Leavenworth High School’s top male team, which is the reigning national champion in the mixed division.

Ozark’s Clayton Moison took first place in the “Ultimate Raider” competition.

“It was exhilarating to watch the cadets compete this weekend. Their teamwork was beautiful. Their effort was incredible,” Raider instructor MAJ. Danny Cazier said. “It was a rewarding conclusion to a season of hard work and gave us all assurance that they are well positioned right now to contend for a national championship this year.”

This was the last regular season meet until the national championship, which is slated Feb. 27-28. This meet capped a tremendous season by the Ozark Raider team and showcased the results of the hard work and dedication they have continuously shown throughout the season.  They will continue training through the winter in hopes of bringing home a national championship in February.

Show Me Shootout 
The OHS JROTC Rifle Team, which consists of 14 members, hosted and competed in the Second Annual Show Me Shootout, where Ozark’s Sporter Division and Precision Division teams both placed first overall. 

“Seeing the results of their hard work is very rewarding,” Crawford said. “We continue toward the goal of winning a national championship. Win or learn; never lose.”

The Ozark Rifle Team placed as follows: 

Sporter Division:

  • Overall - First place 
  • Cadet Hannah McConnell - First place, Sporter
  • Cadet Jett Watson - Third place, New Shooter 

Precision Division:

  • Overall - First place 
  • Cadet Michael Browning - First place, Precision 
  • Cadet Shealynn Fuller- Second place, Precision 
  • Cadet Brody Baumann- Third place, Precision

Ozark JROTC Rifle Team