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OHS Science Olympiad Team Takes 2nd at Regionals

The Ozark High School Science Olympiad Team is preparing for state competition after winning second place at the Southwest Regional Tournament Feb. 22 at Missouri State University.

The nationwide academic science competition includes 23 events on topics such as earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. Ozark placed in 19 of those 23 events, securing a trophy and 44 medals or ribbons. According to the Missouri Science Olympiad website, it is “designed to increase student interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events.” 

The state tournament is April 4 at Westminster College in Fulton. 

OHS Science Olympiad Team Takes 2nd at Regionals

Congratulations to the following students:  

  • Anatomy and Physiology - Third,  Sarah Wheat and Tori Freeman  
  • Astronomy - First, Riley Satterfield and Ethan Frye  
  • Boomilever - First, Wade Smith and Isaac McGonigal; Fifth, Garrett Coggin and Sam Nurnberg
  • Chemistry Lab - Second, Evie Bohlmann and Tim  Ferrugia; Fifth, Elizabeth Freeman and Liberty Todd
  • Circuit Lab - Fifth Riley Satterfield and Sam Nurnberg
  • Codebusters - Second, Tim Ferrugia and Sofya Whitwell
  • Designer Genes - Fifth, Cameron Cochran and Cooper Hime
  • Detector Building - Third, Gavin Reese and Cayla Doyle
  • Disease Detectives - Fourth, Tim Ferrugia and Evie Bohlmann
  • Dynamic Planet - Third, Tim Ferrugia and Sarah Wheat
  • Fossils - First, Emma Bassett and Lindsey Martin; Second, Sarah Wheat and Kylie Martin
  • Geo Mapping - Fourth, Gavin Reese and Cayla Doyle
  • Grav Vehicle - Fifth, Riley Satterfield and Camon Lairmore
  • Machines - Fourth, Sam Nurnberg and Sofya Whitwell
  • Ornithology - Fourth, Sarah Wheat and Kylie Martin  
  • Ping Pong Parachute - Fourth, Wade Smith and Isaac McGonigal
  • Sounds of Music - Fifth, Garrett Coggin and Ethan Frye
  • Water Quality - First, Sofya Whitwell and Riley Satterfield
  • Write It Do It - Third, Lilly Tate and Lindsey Martin