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Ozark Communication Director to Serve on MOSPRA Board

Casey Owens, director of communications for the Ozark School District, will begin her term as a board member of the Missouri School Public Relations Association (MOSPRA), July 1, 2020.  

Owens will represent the Ozark Region serving a one-year term on the board.

The Missouri School Public Relations Association is the Missouri state chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). The MOSPRA organization has four regions: Western (Kansas City area), mid-state, Ozark (southwest) and eastern (St. Louis area).

While the membership in MOSPRA is primarily composed of school communication practitioners, members also include superintendents, principals, secretaries, education association staff, board of education members and others who work to gain public confidence in education.

Like its parent organization, MOSPRA is dedicated to providing citizens with a better understanding of the objectives, accomplishments and needs of the schools within our communities all with the end goal of providing young people excellent educational opportunities.