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OHS Special Education Department Opens Pop-Up Cafe

Mummy dogs and monster Rice Krispies treats are just a few of the ghoulish goodies the Ozark High School special education department served Oct. 31 at Ozzie’s Cafe, appropriately deemed Monster Mash.

Students involved in the work studies program organize the pop-up cafe each month for staff. 

“We work on customer service, taking money, working with a supervisor, cooking, they clean — basically Ozzie’s Cafe is fully run by the students with all of the skills that we work on in the classroom,” teacher Erin McElroy said. 

McElroy said the cafe offers students hands-on experience that coincides with what they are learning in the classroom, all while giving them real-life work skills.

The Oct. 31 cafe was extra fun, as students decorated for Halloween and many teachers came dressed in costume.