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History Comes to Life at Ozark’s Social Studies Symposium

More than 100 social studies teachers from 36 school districts across the region converged at the Ozark School District Office April 9 to share ideas during the Southwest Missouri Social Studies Symposium.

“As a way to bring quality social studies professional development to Ozark teachers, I began taking teams of social studies teachers to the National Council of Social Studies annual meeting,” Ozark Assistant Superintendent Craig Carson said. “Then the team of teachers return, implement what they have learned in our classrooms, and then share it out with their colleagues here in Ozark and other teachers in Southwest Missouri.”  

2018 marks the third year Ozark has hosted the two-day event — the first session was held in March. Sessions include topics such as “Fostering Effective and Measurable Political Discussion in the Era of Fake News” and “World Trade Game — Economics Instruction.”

Ozark’s Ann Poivre led the session “Understanding the Standards: How am I supposed to teach that?” She said she enjoys the symposium because she not only gets to share tips with other teachers, but she gleans ideas from them, as well.

“We get so many ideas fr

om other districts,” she said. “This is all about everybody learning.”

Through the years, Carson said the District has received a lot of positive feedback and there are many teachers who continue to attend year after year.

“This conference was so beneficial and engaging,” one teacher said following a past symposium. “I enjoyed hearing from classroom teachers how they implement a variety of strategies with their students. I left the conference feeling encouraged and inspired.”