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2022/23 Grade Shift & Time Changes

With the opening of the Ozark Innovation Center, there will be many grade level shifts throughout the District for the 2022-23 school year. Check out the graphic for details.

2022/23 Grade Shift & Time Changes

Because of the grade shifts, OMS is shifting its schedule to align closer to the elementary schedule next year. The graphic below shows start and release times for next year.

Elementary bus routes will include kindergarten through sixth grade and secondary bus routes will include seventh through 12th grade. This allows us to balance our bus loads and consolidate some routes. OMS students will be dropped off and picked up before elementary students each day.

Finding enough bus drivers continues to be extremely difficult, so we are working to be more efficient with our existing bus routes. You'll see additional transportation updates on streamlining and shortening bus routes as we gear up for back to school.

2022-23 Start & Release Times