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Ozark Preschool Screenings Set March 20-24, April 24-28

Students attending Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center may be small — age 5 and younger — but they are learning big things. In fact, Early Childhood Principal Elizabeth Dawson said preschoolers are in the midst of their biggest developmental growth. 

“Early Childhood education provides the foundation to prepare children for their future,” Dawson said. “Preschool is more than learning your ABCs and learning numbers, it focuses on the whole child, developing the necessary skills to be successful in school and life.”

Tiger Paw works to support the whole child, providing early interventions that can have powerful effects on individual achievement while addressing all areas of development. Tiger Paw is a great starting point for families who may not know where to go.

Children who live in Ozark School District may be eligible to attend one of the Early Childhood Preschool programs, and can participate in a free preschool screening. Slated March 20-24 and again April 24-28, screenings are open for children who will be 3 years old on or before July 31, 2023, and children who are 4 years old. To schedule a preschool screening appointment, call (417) 582-5992.

Research shows investing in children early has long-lasting benefits. Early childhood education helps children improve social, emotional, language and adaptive skills, which are necessary for kindergarten readiness.

For more information on Preschool Screening, click here. 

Preschool Screening