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North 5th Graders Raising Chickens

Did you know it only takes 21 days for a fertilized chicken egg to hatch into a healthy chick? Fifth graders at North Elementary can tell you all about it. In fact, this week they’re telling other students about the life cycle of chickens through various presentations. 

Students have spent the last month learning about chickens while incubating eggs and watching them hatch. 

Teacher Jill Widel said the project wasn’t part of any specific curriculum, however, chickens have pecked their way into many subjects.

“We’ve used it in our writing, in our reading. The kids right now are working in science on different systems of the body, so they’ve been able to refer back to the chickens,” Widel said. “It gets worked into a lot of lessons. That’s what I like about it. We’re finding a way to bring the real-world stuff to students.”

Fifth grader Ella Falk said she thought the project was a lot of fun.

“I like that the life cycle shows you what it goes through. There’s a big difference between day 1 and day 21,” she said. “I just have some questions, like what happens in the incubator.”

Questions like that, Widel said, have prompted students to research chickens on their own. Widel said it’s exciting to see students become curious, and she’s looking forward to see the project expand. 

“Last year our fifth graders went to the School Board and the city and got it approved to get a chicken coop here at North,” Widel said. “These chicks, as they grow, will get to stay here with us at North.”

Woodworking students at Ozark High School are building the coop, which will soon be installed at North Elementary next to the greenhouse. 

North Elementary 5th graders show off the life cycle

North 5th Graders Raising Chickens