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Regional Educators Learn from Each Other During Annual STAR Summit

We may be rivals on the field and court, but in the classroom we are all on the same team. More than 2,000 educators from Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Willard and regional school districts learned from each other Nov. 6 during the annual Shaping Teachers Across the Region (STAR) Summit.

The day began with more than 200 educator-led breakout sessions at Republic High School and Willard High School. Sessions ranged from classroom tips and tricks, engagement and motivation techniques, technology integration, mental and emotional well-being, and just about everything in between in order to positively impact more than 20,000 students throughout the region.

In the afternoon, educators gathered at James River Church for a keynote presentation by Dr. Heidi Hays Jacobs, an author and internationally-recognized education leader known for her work in curriculum mapping, curriculum integration, and developing 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.

More than 2,000 educators from across the region attended STAR Summit Nov. 6.