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OHS Choir, Band Perform Solos, Ensembles at State

On April 29, over 45 Ozark High School band and choir students traveled to Mizzou to compete in the State Solo and Ensemble competition, and came home with some new hardware. Choir students received nine gold and nine silver ratings; and band received eight gold and 19 silver ratings. Congratulations to everyone who participated this year!




Gold Soloists: 

  • Derek Gnagy (Trombone Solo)  

  • Elizabeth Harmon (Oboe Solo)

  • Asher Lairmore (Trumpet Solo)

  • Caleb Hays (Baritone Saxophone Solo)
  • Gavin Robertson (Snare Drum Solo)  

  • Seth Palen (Trombone Solo)

  • Connor Kitchin (Snare Drum Solo)  


Gold Ensembles:  

  • Ozark Saxophone Quartet: Truman Griessel, Callee Groves, Caleb Hays, Elliott Judy


Silver Soloists:

  • Allison Reese (Keyboard Mallet Solo)
  • Harleigh Preston (Keyboard Mallet Solo)
  • Jaquelin Cardenas-Lopez (Flute Solo)
  • Coralynn Hare (Soprano Clarinet Solo)
  • Samuel Faught (French Horn Solo)

  • Molly Horrell (Trombone Solo) 

  • Laura Wolfe (French Horn Solo)

  • Jacob Mills (Soprano Clarinet Solo)

  • Joshua Glenn (Snare Drum Solo)

  • Ailee Seawel (Keyboard Mallet Solo)

  • Gram Speed (Keyboard Mallet Solo)

  • Kaetryn Oliver (Flute Solo)

  • Andrew Shuford (Flute Solo)


Silver Ensembles: 

  • Ozark Trumpet Trio: Brianne Hakala, Asher Lairmore, Evan Wallace
  • Dots & Dashes (Percussion Ensemble): Joshua Glenn, Connor Kitchin, Savannah Miller, Gavin Robertson

  • Escape Velocity (Percussion Ensemble): Enoch Canter, Rachel Divine, Harleigh Preston, Allison Reese

  • Ozark Saxophone Trio: Grace Mika, Jean Schnakenberg, Leilani Tavares

  • Children's Medley (Percussion Ensemble): Malaia Best, Ashlynn Langford‑Wengard, Mykaden Null, Curtis Plotke, Gram Speed, Lei lani Taganeca‑Allen




Gold Soloists: 

  • Andrew Shuford

  • Harleigh Preston

  • Kinley Scott

  • Lilly Corum

  • Will Elliott


Gold Ensembles: 

  • Mixed Ensemble I: Matthew Baum, Easton Beezley, Lilly Corum, Will Elliott, Amber Martin, Miranda Payne, Noelle Pearcy, Andrew Shuford

  • Mixed Ensemble II: Wyatt Blevins, Alex Clements, Shelby Corum, Sophie Hall, Isaac Lane, Kamryn Mayfield, Harleigh Preston, Gavin Robertson

  • Chorale Women's Misc. Ensemble: Serena Broussard, Kat DeLamatter, Kamryn Mayfield, Katie McCall, Harleigh Preston, Olivia Southard, Kali Tucker

  • AWC Women's Sextet I: Hannah Brookhart, Olivia Carpenter, Tristin Cathcart, Lilly Corum, Sophie Hall, Andrea Shuford


Silver Soloists: 

  • Andrea Shuford

  • Ashley Hainline

  • Brooklyn O'Neill

  • Gavin Roberston

  • Hannah Brookhart


Silver Ensembles:

  • AWC Women's Misc. Ensemble: Jessica Curtis, Cammie Dyke, Bella Eagan, Ashley Hainline, Makenzi Hutchison, Brooklyn O'Neill, Elizabeth Thompson

  • AWC Women's Sextet II: Bella Blair, Emma Burton, Jadyn Dalton, Kimberly Frazon, Skylar Hembree, Olivia Southard

  • AWC Women's Sextet III: Kaitie Coleman, Ella Hulse, Reyn Maughan, Janelle Spohn, Abby Tlaca, Morgan Williams