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OHS Choir, Band Students State Bound

Nearly 50 Ozark High School choir and band students will perform at state competition in April, after receiving “exemplary” ratings at the MSHSAA Music Festival March 9 at Clever High School.

Out of the 96 solo and ensemble entries students performed at the district competition, more than half qualified for state.

In choir, there were a total of 42 entries. Out of those, 22 performances received “exemplary” ratings; 13 received “outstanding” ratings; and seven received “satisfactory” ratings. In addition, three students performed piano solos that received “exemplary” ratings.

The OHS band had 54 entries in the district competition. Out of those, 28 received “exemplary” ratings; 21 received “outstanding” ratings; and five received “satisfactory” ratings.

Students must receive an “exemplary” rating in order to move on to state competition, where they will perform the same piece. State contest is April 26 at University of Missouri in Columbia.

Congratulations to the following students who received “exemplary” ratings:


VOCAL SOLO         In choir, there were a total of 42 entries.

  • Abbey Manning
  • Abigail Wampler
  • Bri Pointer
  • Dylan Copeland
  • Emma Satterfield
  • Garrett Ellis
  • Hanna McConnell
  • Jordan Davis
  • Maddie Carpenter
  • Madison Carson
  • Makenna Wagnon
  • Ryan Ellis
  • Sophia Broussard
  • Tristan Primanzon
  • Wesley Brown

PIANO SOLO           

  • Garrett Ellis
  • Ryan Ellis
  • Ryan Martin


  • Women's Ensemble – Taylor Capps, Maddie Carpenter, Jessica Tlaca, Emma Satterfield, Cassie Wood, Abbi Barnwell and Kelly Sova
  • Women's Ensemble – Navneet Kaur, Alena Bulavina, Olivia Schurke, Abbi Miller, Haley Flood, Emily Dunn and Lillie Baker
  • Men’s Ensemble – Jordan Davis, Chrystian Ray, Wesley Brown, Jeremiah Clapp, Jacob Herr and Wyatt Long
  • Mixed Ensemble – Emma Satterfield, Kelly Sova, Jessica Campbell, Hannah Holcomb, Tristan Primanzon, David Long, Dylan Copeland and Ryan Ellis
  • Women's Ensemble – MaKenna Wagnon, Jessica Campbell, Alyssa Giesler, Celeste Prentice, Cheyenne Moeschler and Hannah Holcomb
  • Mixed Ensemble – MaKenna Wagnon, Sophia Broussard, Chloe Keyes, Katie Beets, Jordan Davis, Wyatt Long, Jacob Herr and Jeremiah Clapp
  • Women's Ensemble – Abby Ford, Sydney Broussard, Kenna Mayfield, Hartley Bassett, Caroline Wolfe, Madelyn Sult, Hanna McConnell and Amelia Montgomery

BANDThe OHS band had 54 entries in the district competition.


  • Sean Bishop – Tuba
  • Judah Blocker – Piano and snare
  • Nathan Bohannon – Keyboard mallet
  • Garrett Coggin – Clarinet
  • Gunnar Ecklund – Snare
  • Mason Edwards – Trombone
  • Marcus Ensley – Baritone saxophone
  • Kara Ford – Baritone
  • Darwin Gist – Trombone
  • Ethan Grier – Keyboard mallet
  • Cheyann Grube – Bass clarinet
  • Jennifer Latta – Clarinet
  • Abi Meadows – Oboe
  • Brett Meyer – Trombone
  • Mikayla Morgan – Clarinet
  • Brady Perkins – Trombone
  • Caitlyn Saiz – Flute
  • Lilly Tate – Trumpet
  • Chase Tuck – Snare
  • Mason Waltke – Bassoon
  • Carson Wilkins – Keyboard mallet


  • Percussion Ensemble – Judah Blocker, Ian Adams, Carson Wilkins, Gunnar Ecklund, Zach Hoelker
  • Percussion Ensemble – Ethan Grier, Kevin Cummins, Krista Wheat, Nathan Bohanon  
  • Clarinet Trio – Jennifer Latta, Garett Coggin and Mikayla Morgan 
  • Trombone Trio – Darwin Gist, Mason Edwards, Tim Coppinger and Brady Perkins
  • Trombone Trio – Regan Griessel, Madison Dunger and Zach Beaty 
  • Flute Trio – Alexis Lake, Karley McCall and Jordan Blackford