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Rules of Order and Decorum

We welcome all patrons to the Ozark Board of Education meetings. 

  • The School Board supports the rights of members of the public to attend its open meetings and wishes to hear from its constituents during public comment periods. Meetings must, however, be both safe and orderly. Accordingly, willful, or repeated violations of health and safety rules or rules of order and decorum may result in a person’s expulsion from the meeting location.
  • The primary purpose of the School Board’s work sessions and business meetings is to conduct public business in an orderly and efficient manner. Any words or conduct that interrupt, disturb, or disrupt the orderly conduct of business are out of order.
  • During Request of District Patrons- Patrons must sign up prior to the start of the meeting. Speakers offering public comment must limit their comments to the time allotted and comply with all aspects of the Board’s public comment policy. Citizens are reminded that children regularly attend School Board meetings and are asked to calibrate their words and conduct accordingly.
  • Any speaker addressing the board with handouts must leave the documents with the board secretary prior to the meeting. The secretary will disburse to the board. 
  • A speaker may not approach the board at any time during the meeting.
  • All meeting attendees must refrain from speaking out of turn while the meeting is underway. Unless called upon by the President or Vice President to offer public comment during the public address portion of the meeting, attendees should quietly observe the proceedings.  Board members should refer to the Board President to request to speak to a patron. 
  • Shouting, threats, and acts of violence are strictly prohibited, as are any words or conduct that by their nature are likely to provoke the average person to retaliation and thereby cause a breach of the peace.
  • If a patron interrupts or shouts out during the business board meeting, the President should stop the meeting and state to the patron that they are out of order. If the patron continues, the President can ask the person to leave the meeting. If the patron does not leave and continues, the President should call for a recess and instruct the SRO to remove the individual. The full board will walk out of the room and at the time the SRO on duty will escort the person out of the building.

The public has the right to Free Speech in accordance with Amendment I and must abide by the Rules of Order and Decorum in a School Board Business meeting. 

Adopted: Oct 19, 2023
Unanimous Vote