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Outside Research

Guidelines for Conducting Research within Ozark Schools

1.  Please submit requests to conduct outside research to Shanelle Leigh.

2.  Researchers may request to do research with specific staff members or buildings and efforts will be made to honor their preferences.

3. Data derived from tests, school records, interviews, or survey/questionnaires, which have potential for invasion of privacy of students or their families, must have advanced written authorization of parents or guardians. These releases will be collected and filed with the building principal before the project is initiated.

4. Personnel records of the school staff are confidential and information will not be released from these records.

5. Public information will be available to researchers and other interested parties, but if time or other expense is involved, the requesting party will be responsible for such costs.

6. Instructional activities will not be interrupted unless there is clear significance for the improvement of educational programs in the Ozark RVI School District.

7. Decisions of the committee will be granted within two weeks of formal review of the proposal. Please note – formal review occurs at the Research Committee Meetings. The meetings are scheduled – not always weekly.

8. Should a request be denied the applicant will be offered an opportunity to make corrections/submit further documentation for review. Resubmitted requests will be subject to formal review and issued a decision within two weeks of the committee meeting.

9. A copy of your final research report will be submitted to the Office of Assistant Superintendent.

Directions for Application

Request for Approval to Conduct Research