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Parents As Teachers Helps Parents Be Their Child’s First Teacher

Did you know Ozark School District offers a program to help parents of young children at home? It’s called Parents As Teachers, and it’s a free program to anyone in the Ozark School District with children under the age of kindergarten entry or who are expecting a child. 

“The motto of Parents as Teachers is that parents are children’s first and most important teacher,” said Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center Principal Dr. Elizabeth Dawson. “We just really want you to understand that we have this resources to support families. We’re here to help families be as successful as possible.”

One of many programs offered at Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center, Parents As Teachers has five parent educators who specialize in child development.

“Parent educators are trained to help parents be their child’s best advocate, to be their child’s first educator, and to truly understand development and why that is important in a child’s life,” Dawson said. 

Participants of Parents as Teachers will receive personal visits from a parent educator to discuss child development, parenting and family well-being. The program, often referred to as PAT, also offers screenings as well as group activities. 

Leslie Baca said during her 16 years as a PAT parent educator, she has truly seen the value of the program.

“I love the connections that I make with these families, and I love the connections with these kids and how happy they are to see me when I come to their house,” she said. “Another great part about my job is connecting these families and kids to resources that they need.”

Learn more about Ozark’s Parents As Teachers program here.