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OMS 5th Graders Review Math through 'Real Life'

It's not usually fun to take a math test. But Ozark Middle School fifth graders sure had fun reviewing adding and subtracting decimal numbers in real-world situations!

OMS 5th Grade Bistro

Can I Take Your Order? 

Students in Mrs. Pate’s math class had some tasty cuisine at the Bistrot Capri Sept. 13. But the purpose wasn’t about the food, it was about adding and substracting decimal numbers in a real-world situation. Each student took their turn taking orders and had to add up the total amount and give the correct amount of change. The event was a review for an upcoming math test.

OMS Game of Life

Game of Life

$165.25 to rent an apartment, $185.25 to attend college, $201.48 to go white water rafting, $198.82 for a new cell phone. Finally, it’s payday - deposit $180.

Students in Ms. Boden's, Ms. Miller's and Mr. Nogalski's classes played the Game of Life Sept. 13 to review adding and subtracting decimal numbers before they tested over it. Students also got to dress up as their future career. There were doctors, astronauts, police K-9 unit, artists and more! Students had so much fun using what they learned in math in “real life.”