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Volunteer Information

Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Ozark School District.  Many classroom activities would not be possible without our volunteers.  Our staff is extremely thankful for the assistance you provide. Please read through and familiarize yourself with the following Ozark School Board Policies.  If you have any questions after reading these policies, please contact the building principal or counselor.

As you begin volunteering, familiarize yourself with all building emergency procedures.  Please remember all student information is to be kept confidential.

By signing the Parent Volunteer Form, you acknowledge you have read School Board Policies IICC, JFCF, KK and ACA.


Dr. Kim Fitzpatrick

Executive Director of Student Services 

  • IICC – School Volunteers
  • JFCF – Bullying (Volunteers are expected to be able to identify and report bullying to the building principal/staff.)
  • KK – Visitors to District Property/Events
  • ACA – Title IX

New Volunteers Register Here

New Volunteers

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Returning Volunteers

Returning Volunteers

This link can be used by volunteers after they have been approved to sign in with their credentials they create through the initial online process.