• Ryan McClain
    Finley River Teacher
    582-4715 or ryanmcclain@ozarktigers.org
    Garrison Springs Spring 2018 Me and a Mushroom
    My name is Ryan McClain and this is my 5th year at Finley River School.  I teach various sciences, social sciences, visual/audio art classes, Lifetime Recreation, as well as life readiness classes. I love the family and community atmosphere at Finley River and I am enthusiastic about teaching.  I love using a hands-on practical approach to learning.  Our science classes participate in gardening and hiking trips.  The music class participates in learning to play instruments and playing at a open-mic night at a local coffee house.  We enjoy participating in serving our community through service learning projects like maintaining the gardens at Garrison Springs. I believe firmly in equipping young people for life and teaching lifelong healthy hobbies.