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    Welcome Parents and Students!

       We are off to a strong start in ELA.  The kids have taken some preliminary tests that will help me know where their beginning of the year reading levels are.  They will continue by taking the Evaluate Assessment, a test given district wide each month.  This test is closely alligned to our state standards, and it will help me to know specific areas of need for each student.  This year, I want your son or daughter to read more than ever.  For some, that will be easy...for others, not so much.  Just know, I will do everything in my power to help the love of books grow in my students.  Mrs. Dodd and I plan quarterly events which raise the motivation of our readers, and really help them to get hooked on books.
        Although paper homework assignments will not be a regular part of this class, I do expect all of my students to read 20-30 minutes 5 or more nights each week.  The only way to get better at reading is to practice it every day.  The books don't have to be challenging.  I would like students to select books that they can finish in roughly 2 weeks time.  I understand that some students select 400 page  books.  I don't discourage this, but students should be able to plow through those 400 pages in a month or less, otherwise, comprehension goes down.  There is such a good feeling that comes with completing a book you love, and I want kids  to experience that feeling many times this year.
        Ask your daughter or son about the tower of books challenge. Each of the students has set a personal goal to read 20 or more books this year.  I'm eager to see what they can achieve when they set the bar high, and are given lots of reading opportunities.  Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or tips that might help me motivate your son or daughter. 
        Our writing units will tie in nicely with our classroom reading activities.  We are beginning with writing narratives.  The big things that students tend to struggle with is finding a story to tell that incorporates tension.  We will work with each student until they have accomplished the ability to write an organized, focused, interesting story.  
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    October 3 Summative-Theme, Summarizing, Point of View...