• Coach Hannah Welcome to Ozark Junior High School Career Opportunities!!!!  This class will get you started in planning your future!!!!  My name is Greg Hannah.  I am a 1986 Graduate of Southwest Baptist University and an OHS graduate  This is my 25th year of teaching, my 22nd at Ozark.   Please feel free to contact me at greghannah@ozarktigers.org    My plan time is 5th block on A days only (1:22-2:50PM) as I teach all day on B days.  MISSING WORK CAN BE FOUND ON MY CALENDAR, DAY TO DAY ASSIGNMENTS ARE POSTED, JUST CLICK ON DAY NEEDED.  MOST ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM, SOME WILL BE ON PAPER.  If you have a printer you are welcome to print out their work and have them bring it back completed when returning to school. (IF IT IS ON PAPER) The calendar link will show exactly what we do day by day and week by week so they can stay caught up.   Please monitor your child's grade on the parent portal to make sure they stay above 70% to be eligible to job shadow.  IF YOUR CHILD HAS LESS THAN 70% IN MY CLASS AT THE TIME OF JOB SHADOW DAY THEY MUST SHADOW ON A WEEKEND OR WHEN THERE IS NO SCHOOL.  Job Shadow day will be Friday APRIL 12 FOR ALL CLASSES (EXCUSED ABSENCE IF GRADE ABOVE 70%)  ALL JOB SHADOW PAPERWORK  IS FOUND HERE ON MY WEBSITE. (Paper copies will be given to them to take for their shadow day) EMPLOYER CONTRACTS CAN BE EMAILED TO THEM AND THEN FORWARDED TO ME (BY THE EMPLOYER) TO SAVE YOU A TRIP THERE.  THERE IS A PARENTAL PERMISSION FORM FOR YOU TO SIGN.  Thanks!!!  If your child needs extra credit then
     CLICK THIS LINK FOR EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!  PLEASE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to stay informed of our activities!!  (ozarkcareeropp)