•           Welcome to the East Elementary Art Studio!

     Complementary Corner
    The art room is called the Art studio and the theme for the Art Studio is ...
    DREAM - THINK - DO !!!
    The curriculum at East will involve students in art production, art history and art criticism.  In the process of discovering what art is, we will ask the following questions:  What is art?  Where is art?  Who is an artist?  Why is art important?  Students will attend 50 minutes of art instruction each week, where they will experience a discipline based approach to art education.
    To provide a poisitive atmosphere for creative expression the goals of the art studio are as follows:  
                                      Be responsible, respectiful and safe.
                                Try our best on presented skills.
                          Listen and follow directions.
                     Participate appropriately.
                       Learn how to fix mistakes.
    A wonderful way to celebrate the imagination, creativity and methods of art instruction taught at East. 
    Students will participate in an All School Art Show which takes place in April or May. 
    The art show will be pulicized in the
    Tiger Paws Newsletter. 
    The art exhibit is set up like an art museum and families are invited to the 
    Ozark East Museum of Fun Arts.
    The art show is displayed during the Educational Festival
    You will not want to miss out on this exciting evening!
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