As your child’s school counselor, I am involved in many ways throughout the school year. My primary focus is classroom guidance, where I go into each classroom and instruct students on a variety of social, emotional, and academic topics. Through the guidance counselor curriculum, your child will learn how to be a good friend to themselves and others, safety, academic achievement, careers, and how to be a successful learner!

    I also spend a great deal of time involved in small groups. Small groups are formed to address problems or concerns common to several students. Group members take part in activities that improve social skills, coping skills, problem solving, decision making, and more.

    I also meet with students individually to address immediate concerns. Students may request a visit with the counselor. Teachers and parents may also refer students to the counselor for a variety of reasons. If you are concerned about your child for any reason, feel free to call or come by my office and share your concerns.

    School counselors also assist with registering new students, organize all achievement and academic testing, and consult with teachers and parents, as well as a variety of other duties. My goal is to help your child be the best student he or she can be and grow into a caring, responsible young person.

     Amber Martin