• Shannan Witherspoon
    OMS Math Teacher
    582-5903 ext 3011
    Welcome to 7th grade math
    This is my 16th year of teaching middle school mathematics. I have taught 6th through 8th grade math including Algebra 1. I look forward to helping you / your child transition through 7th grade math. This will be a super year!
    Our main source of material this year will be digits by Pearson, along with supplemental materials as needed. This year's curriculum will include the following concepts: Ratios & Proportional Relationships, The Number System, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability.
    How students will be assessed:
    1. A student's score will accumulate from tests, occasional projects and a small percentage from homework. The majority of the points will come from tests and projects. Although homework only accounts for a small percentage; all homework should be completed to improve comprehension of content for tests. Retakes will be offered only after all homework and review material is completed. A review and tutor time may also be required BEFORE a Retake is given.
    2. Homework (practice) will count and is expected to be completed as assigned so students will be prepared for tests.  Like any activity, the more the practice the better one becomes at that activity. Students will receive full homework credit at 90% or better completion. 
    3. In class participation will be ongoing and will consist of students keeping notes in their math notebooks and practicing along with their fellow classmates. A student does not need to actively participate by answering questions, volunteering to come to board, ... but is expected to pay attention, stay on task and not be a distraction to the learning process of others. 
    Grades will be kept current and will be available for parent viewing on the on-line SIS grade book. I encourage you to check grades often and please contact me if concerns arise. Please see office to acquire your personal username and password. 
    Supplies for this year:
    • Spiral notebook for math class only (note taking)
    • Pocket folder (optional)  – to store and transport loose paper
    • Pencils or mechanical pencils with extra lead – all graded work must be done in pencil
    • Calculator – needs a square root sign (recommend the TI-30XIIs)
    • Ear buds or type of head phones for plugging into computer
    • Optional: box of Kleenex to donate to classroom          
     Curriculum: This year we will be using the on-line Pearson's digits and am supplying a few links for your information. Students will be given password information as it becomes available. If you would like a hard copy set of the on-line books, please contact or have your child let me know and I will get a set, to be left and used at home, checked out for the school year.
    Overview of digits:
    Demo opportunity:
    Tutoring: Please contact to make arrangements. I will be available after school by appointment only.
    Voice mail: 582-5903 Ext. 3011