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    Welcome to Coach Luttrell's website. On this site you can find information about 6th and 7th grade PE, Health Classes, Outdoor Recreation as well as a link to the Ozark JH Volleyball page.
    Physical education at Ozark Middle School plays a vital role in today's education and society by helping students gain an appreciation for wellness, fitness and participation in life-long physical activity. As physical educators it is our duty to educate our students about the many ways lifetime activity and making good health choices can benefit them.  Through exposure to a wide variety of activities and lessons, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Not only is physical education focused on the physical being, but the wellness or total health of the student which also includes mental/emotional and social health.   
    In 7th grade PE students will be taking part in a variety of different individual and team sports that includes but is not limited to ultimate Frisbee, flag football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickle ball, soccer, softball, lacrosse and golf. Students will take a written rules test and a skills test for each unit covered in PE.  They will also take part in fitness testing three times a year where we use the Presidential Physical Fitness and FitnessGram standards to commplete six tests (push-ups, sit-ups, flexed arm hang, shuttle run, sit & reach and the Pacer) to gauge the student's fitness levels in the following areas: endurance, strength, agility and flexibility. You can follow the link provided below for more information on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test: http://www.presidentschallenge.org/challenge/physical/benchmarks.shtml 
    7th Grade health consists of six units throughout the school year covering such topics as introduction to health, mental/emotional health, nutrition, sex education, tobacco, drug and alcohol awareness. Students will complete vocabulary words, lesson review questions, group and individual projects and have a chapter test at the end of each unit.
    Outdoor Recreation is a semester long PE elective class offered to 7th graders.  The aim of this course is for students to get up, get out and get active by showing them there are other ways to be physically active besides traditional team sports.  In this course students will be introduced to different outdoor activities including but not limited to outdoor games, hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, water safety, first aid and CPR, geocaching and orienteering.  Students grades will come from a combination of notes and worksheets, individual and group projects, indoor and outdoor activities and unit tests.  
    "Physical fitness is not only the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."  - John F. Kennedy
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