2022 Long Range Plan

  • Ozark School District continues to grow, with this fall being one of the highest growth years the District has seen in the past five years. This fall, the District conducted a long range planning process to evaluate and update our current long range plan. The process began with a demographic study, which showed the current and projected growth of the District. With that information, a committee was gathered to evaluate our current plan and determine our next steps to ensure we accommodate our growth. A recommendation to update the 2019 long range plan was approved by our Board of Education in January, 2022. The 2022 long range plan adds a storm shelter at Ozark High School to the existing plan. The priority of the new plan is to ensure every school within the District has a storm shelter. The Board of Education also approved a $19 million no tax increase bond issue that was approved by voters in April 2022. 

    • Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center - this storm shelter would serve as a cafeteria
    • Ozark Middle School - this storm shelter would serve as classroom space
    • Ozark High School - this storm shelter would serve as PE space

    The storm shelters at Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center and Ozark Middle School were already part of the 2019 long range plan, but had to be postponed due to cost.