• To Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens

    Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs are often seen as a preparatory class for students to take so that they can immediately join the military as soon as they graduate high school. This stereotype is incredibly inaccurate, in fact, around 80% of students who choose to join a JROTC program do not join a military service after high school. Studies show that a large percent of these students actually head in the direction of being very successful in life with the skills and the accountability they acquire in these classes.

    At Ozark, we strive to inspire others to complete a mission in the manner desired, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. We specialize in giving cadets a place where they can grow, a place to feel welcomed, and a place where they can have a second family. One of the many reasons cadets love our program is the way the program is run, the Tiger Battalion is completely cadet lead, which means that all the events that are held by the Ozark JROTC are organized and executed by the students with little to no direction from the instructors. This gives each cadet the feeling of importance and pride in what they have and will accomplish throughout their time in the Tiger Battalion.