• Ozark Middle School 1:1 Initiative


  • Why?

    What is the overall reason(s) for implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative?
    • We believe that a 1:1 laptop learning environment is the model for technology in the new OMS that will best support 21st century teaching and learning. We also believe that personal computing devices will most likely be the norm in the near future and we should prepare students to make intelligent use of them.

    Is there any research to support the implementation of a 1:1 laptop learning program?

    • Conclusions drawn from available research shows that the 1:1 learning experience provides many positive outcomes for students, staff, and the community. Among the outcomes mentioned most are:
    • Improved writing skills and depth of students research.
    • Increased student interest in learning and ownership of the learning process.
    • Improvement in student and staff attendance.
    • Reductions in student behavior problems.
    • Increased parental interest in school activities.
    • Improved student and staff morale.
    • Reductions in lecture/presentation instruction and an increase in project based learning activities.