• Attendance:  If your child is absent from school for any reason please call the office at 582-5992.  This information will help track illness in classrooms which is extremely important for our students with medical concerns.


    Emergency Contact Information:  If you have a change in address or phone number, remember to contact the school office.  It is very important to be able to reach you in the event your child becomes ill at school. 


    Health Conditions:  To best care for your child during the school day, it is important all health conditions be shared and updated with the school nurse.  This information is confidential and only shared on a need to know basis with other school staff responsible for your child’s care. 


    Medication Policy:  If your child needs medication at school (prescription or over the counter) an adult must bring the medication to school in the original container.  Medication cannot come on the bus. 


    Food Allergies:  If your child has a food allergy and a substitution is needed in the cafeteria (ex. lactose intolerant and needs juice) a doctor signed medical statement is required yearly. This form is available online or from the school nurse.