Auditorium Information

  • Steps to reserve the auditorium:

    The contact person for the event will fill out the “OHS Auditorium Reservation Request Form” no later than two weeks prior to the event (For large-scale events, more advanced notice is necessary). This form should be used for ANY AND ALL auditorium use. This includes club, sports, and classroom meetings, guest speakers, music concerts, talent shows, speech and debate events, etc. A master google calendar will be available to view, so you will know when/what events are taking place in the auditorium (events will also be placed on activities calendar). After I receive your form, I will place it on the calendar, set up all necessary equipment, and make myself available for your event. Please note that if you require equipment not listed on the reservation sheet (a table or chairs, for instance), you will need to contact the appropriate person to make this equipment available to you.

    *Advance notice is the best and only way to make sure that I will be there to have everything ready for your function.
    *Do not unplug cables, move knobs, or remove equipment from the control room at any time. Again, if you communicate with me, I will have everything running smoothly for you.
    *Any questions or inquiries should be directed to myself. I will communicate with other parties as necessary.
    *1A and 4A are reserved unless otherwise noted for Ms. Hanlen’s stagecraft classes.
    *I will resend this email at the beginning of next year to remind everyone.

    The OHS Auditorium is an excellent facility that can be used for many different functions. However, without proper communication, the room and technology cannot be fully utilized, and a lot of money and time can be lost. I trust that everyone will treat this facility, its equipment, and the people involved in its use, with the same care and respect that we bring to the rest of our wonderful OHS facilities.

  • Here are a few rules that must be followed in order to use the auditorium.
    1. No food or drink is allowed in any part of the auditorium. This includes on and back stage. (This includes donuts and milk!) 
    2. No equipment may be unplugged or moved without permission. 
    3. Lock all doors when leaving. 
    4. All advisory meetings must first be booked with Rebecca before filling out the request form.
    5. Students are not allowed in the auditorium without supervision. 
    6. No feet on the back of chairs. 
    7. Students are not allowed to play the piano without permission from the music faculty.
    8. No students are allowed in the sound/light booth. No exceptions!
    Violation of these rules will result in your organization loosing the privilege to use the auditorium. 

Auditorium Calendar