With Ozark High School growing so quickly and so many students that need to check-in and out of school for many different reasons, we ask that you try to do the following.

    1. If you know that your student needs to leave early, please send your student with a note, that has their name, and time that they need to leave and a parent/guardian signature.  They will need to bring the note to the Attendance office upon arriving to school.  They will receive a pass that will then go to their teacher and they will be allowed to come to the office at the time they need to leave and sign themselves out.  This will alleviate us interrupting class.


    1. We understand that some appointments can’t be made and that emergencies arise the day of and a note can’t be sent with the student.  On this situation, you may call or come into pick up your student.  If you call, please try to call before you get here so that we can have time to locate your student and have them ready to go. 


    1. If your student comes to school late, please send them with a note or call the attendance line to let us know that they were late with permission.


    1. If your student misses, leaves, or comes to school late from a Dr. Appointment, please have them bring a note from the doctor, to the Attendance Office so that we can have record of those.

    You may contact the attendance office at 417-582-5901.


    Thank you,