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     Welcome to Ozark Junior High School!!!
  • My name is Jacob Anderson, I teach Algebra 1 and Concepts of Algebra 1A at Ozark Junior High School. Here at OJH, we are determined and driven to provide the best opportunity for student success. 
    On this page I want to tell you about myself and past experiences.
    I am thirty-five years old and have been teaching mathematics for three years. I firmly believe that prior experience is beneficial in the classroom; my past experience has given me real-world application of mathematics in the fields of electronics, hydraulics, and many other technical avenues. I have earned two degrees from Ozark Technical Community College - Associates of Applied Science in Electronic and Computer Repair Technology and Associates of Applied Science in Industrial Electronics Technology; and one degree from Missouri State University - Bachelors of Science in Education - Mathematics. 
    My wife, Lisa Anderson; and my son, Ethan have staked a claim here in Ozark with the purchase of our first home. Furthermore, we believe in this amazing opportunity to work for the stellar school district of Ozark, MO. Our family believes in this community and we choose to raise our family here with like-minded individuals striving for the best; for themselves and/or their children. I couldn't be more proud to be part of this community and its future. 
    I have many hobbies to keep myself entertained, busy, and stimulated. I enjoy playing the drums and/or other percussion instruments at my house and with others. I have been in a few small bands in the past, but have since stopped playing out because of my dedication to teaching. I also enjoy working on and with electronic devices/components for others in my past career circle. Having a background in electronics has provided countless opportunities for real-world problem solving and critical thinking practice. This is extra beneficial to have for teaching mathematics; I can provide the correct method to solving mathematical problems and steer the students away from pitfalls of logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 
    My goal as a mathematics teacher is to prove to all students - anyone can do mathematics
    People are bound by their individual experiences. Mathematics has a negative cognition due to the negative experiences one has while first learning mathematics. I believe that with the right guidance and more positive experiences (multiple, small successes) any person can be victorious in any mathematics course. My early experiences of mathematics are somewhat positive. I don’t tremble in fear when I see two fractions to add or freak out when I see that I must solve for x in an equation; but I do understand how someone could have those thoughts and fears. I live by the following quote:
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  • "What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"
                 Robert H. Schuller