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Diversionary Services

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Our Diversionary Services are a combined effort of the school district, the community, and the justice system to instill hope and prepare students for life after school. Through the program we focus on strengths and promote positive decision-making, as well as offer accountability. Students have the opportunity to work with a mentor where they will set goals, have the opportunity to receive rewards for attaining those goals, and problem solve when goals are not met. Since we believe in teaching the whole child, our goals are centered around the following categories:

The Diversionary Services we offer are differentiated based on student and parent needs. Learn more here.

We also offer Compass Club, which is a more informal school-side mentoring program to connect students to someone in the building who will intentionally reach out to the student to encourage them and help them reach their goals.

Learn more about Compass Club here. 

  • Home: Are they responsible and respectful at home?
  • Academic: How are their grades? How is their attendance? 
  • Mental Health/Behavioral: Are there behavioral issues that we want to address either at home or at school? Are there mental health issues that should be addressed?
  • Social: Are the students involved in a positive extracurricular activity? Or who is the student’s support system?
  • Addiction: Does the student rely on an activity instead of a relationship for support and stress relief?  Do they have good stress management skills?
  • Career: What are the student’s career goals and what do they need to do to make them happen?



Ryan McClain

Diversionary Services Specialist

High School Office - (417) 582-5901 ext. 3263
Jr. High/Middle School Office - (417) 582-5902 ext. 3353