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What do you get when you mix hungry high school students and homegrown lettuce? A Lettuce Party! 

Earlier this month, Ozark High School Natural Resources & Agriculture Capstone student Senior Tristin Cathcart harvested several varieties of lettuce and herbs including basil, kale, cilantro, chives, arugula and spring mix salad. Naturally, there was only one logical way to celebrate: A Lettuce Party!  

Health Sciences Academy Students Investigate Mock Crime Scene

Did you ever want to be a forensic scientist? OHS students in Principals of Biomedical Science class spent Sept. 12 determining the cause of death for a mock crime scene using sketches, measurements and photography. Students had to follow specific protocols for collecting evidence and then had to record and analyze that evidence to evaluate the potential crime scene. Students then researched different professions that related to the assignment.

OHS Academies Create New Student Experience

How do you make a big school feel small? Ozark High School is taking this challenge head on for the 2022-23 school year with a new Academy model of education.  Ozark High School is set to open a second campus called the Ozark Innovation Center in August 2022. With grade levels over 400 students and a second campus, Academies will ensure students feel connected with other students and teachers within their academic program in addition to their activities.