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       The Drama Department at OJH consists of Performance Drama, Stagecraft, and Non-Performance Drama. Performance Drama is an audition only class. Stagecraft does not require an audition and they learn to help Performance Drama set up plays. You must have a permission slip to audition for Performance Drama. Non-Performance Drama class does not require an audition either and is only during school hours.

        Stagecraft is in charge of working backstage during the plays. They help with costumes, sets, and makeup. Planning out the play is done during school hours whenever students have this class. Performance Drama is students that audition to be a character in the play. Performance Drama students perform in front of crowds after school hours. They prepare for these plays during school hours when they have this class. Students also have to have their lines memorized before these plays. Non-Performance Drama is a class that does not perform out of school hours. They do similar things to Performance Drama but it is all done during class.

       In all three classes you will learn acting techniques, the history of acting, and look at different perspectives of acting. Students should be able to write their own monologue and be able to perform their monologue to an audience. A monologue is just like a skit. Each student is assigned a character to perform and be able to memorize lines. The teacher for these classes is Ms. Houston (pictured below).
     Ms. Houston
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