• Computer Media
    Computer Media  
          In this class you interview teachers and  students about what  is going on in the school. Every week we work to build a news video that the whole school watches. Some things I have learned from this class are how to be responsible and work as a team in a simulated work environment.
         Students who have taken Computer Applications with Mrs. Tucker as an 8th grader qualify to take this class as a freshman. Video production of the weekly announcements, how to make multimedia presentations, and special projects will be pursued. A deeper understanding of technology and computer systems hardware and software, including management and maintenance will be a major objective. Using the internet responsibly and efficiently will also be an important issue. These students are expected to behave and perform at a higher level of responsibility than students in Computer Applications.
         Media is a fun and interactive learning experience  you learn to be productive in a work environment. To get involved with this class, talk to
    Mrs. Tucker.
         Mrs. Tucker is the teacher for computer media. She has been a teacher at Ozark for 17 years and has been teaching for a total of 26 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in (Secondary Education-Emphasis Business) from Southwest Baptist University and a Masters of Science (Secondary Education-Emphasis Business) from Missouri State University. She has been married for 23 years to Bryan and has two boys (Levi 22 & Noah 18). Some of her hobbies include watching her boys play sports, being outdoors, and working in her yard.
    Created By:  Karly Kolstad - Spring 2017