• (For 6th & 7th Grade Students):There is not a designated shop fee for students, as all students will be able to freely learn and experience how to use tools and materials.  Since projects, however, require additional resources, students who would like to turn their learning into completed projects will be expected to pay a $10 fee in order to offset the additional costs involved.  This payment is expected before a student will be given the resources in which to complete these projects.

    (Only for Introductory Class): There is one small-group project (bluebird house) that everyone will participate in constructing.  It can be purchased for an additional $5.  If students are interested in purchasing this project, the payment is due as soon as possible because we will be beginning this project very soon and I will divide students into groups accordingly to payment. 

    Funding has been able to be kept low because of generous donations of materials.  If you are in a spot to make donations, please email me at thomasswift@mail.ozark.k12.mo.us to set up details, and thank you very much for your consideration. 

    If you are in a spot to donate monetarily to cover other student(s) cost, that would also be very much appreciated.  Please include a short note denoting which part of your contribution is to cover your child’s project costs and which part is donation. 

    Cash will be accepted, but checks are definitely ideal.  If you pay by check, please make checks out to Ozark Middle School.