Operational Definitions

    Qualified Tutoring - Qualified tutoring is governed by Section 167.640, RSMo.  These students receive targeted instructional efforts for at least one of the following reasons: (1) more than one grade level below current placement in reading or math, (2) below basic as measured by the MAP assessments, or (3) tutoring conditional for promotion to the next grade-level.

    Regular Tutoring - Instructional efforts designed to support students who are at-risk of falling behind in skills/conceptual attainment or assigned coursework.

    Goals of Program

    • Use the RTI model to help students, teachers and parents choose appropriate interventions to improve student academic success
    • Use a selection process for students who participate in the tutoring program
    • Use an accountability feature to define both individual student and program success

    General K-12 Guidelines - Every student is eligible for tutoring if that tutoring can be tied back to improvement in any class (core, fine art, practical art, etc.) with approval from the building principal.

    Tutoring begins the first Tuesday in September.