• 6th Grade Deck Tennis Rules


    • Respect the equipment at all times

    • You must throw the ring with an underhanded motion

    • Only one hand may contact the ring at any given time

    • You cannot trap the ring against your body

    • No fake throws, but players may use head and body fakes

    • You must make an attempt to throw immediately upon catching the ring

    • The hand that you catch the ring with, you must also throw with

    • Intentional ‘wobble’ is illegal in this game

    • Accidental ‘wobble’ is allowed if not deemed excessive

    Game Play:

    Teams will consist of four players.

    The badminton court will be used for boundaries.

    Lines are considered in bounds.

    Play is initiated with a serve from the baseline.

    Player rotation is done in a clockwise motion with the back right person serving.

    Rally scoring is used in this game.

    Games will be played to 10 points during class time and may vary in the tournament.